Laser cutting has opened a new world of opportunities and expansion to the FAM USA manufacturing headquarters. We are overjoyed to welcome this technology to our ever-growing list of production machinery that gives us the cutting edge we need to stand out as the premier apparel manufacturing company based in America. Here are the top five reasons we switched to laser cutting in 2022.  

  1. Incredible Precision – Our laser machine cuts using accuracy within a nanometer of measurement. This is vital as we have many strict regulatory requirements to abide by for our military, government, and medical clothing items.  
  1. Top Efficiency in Speed for Large Volume Support – It is especially effective when working with large volume customers. When we have orders of over 2,000 uniforms for big-name clients who supply for multiple teams, we need more than just Bob with his hand-held electric saw to do the job in a timely manner. To ensure that our customers have their products shipped to them within our 3-week lead times, this machine helps cut the processing time down significantly.  
  1. Low Risks of Product/Material Contamination – During the laser cutting process, there is virtually no contact with the material beyond holding the outer edges of selvage to set the fabric rolls in place, thus creating a low likelihood of natural oils from working hands to contaminate or stain the various fabrics we handle.  
  1. Lower Energy Usage – The efficiency of a laser cutter combined with its advanced technology causes it to use less energy than other cutting methods. In fact, laser cutters will typically use about 10kW of power during a cutting session, while other cutting mechanisms will use around 50kW of power. As manufacturers look to work smarter and use less energy, both as a cost-saving mechanism and as an environmentally friendly one, laser cutters can help work toward this goal. Laser cutters are a fantastic way to cut down energy usage during the fabrication process. 
  1. A More Peaceful Working Environment – Laser cutters have minimal friction between gears within its inner equipment and low processing noise, creating a quieter factory environment and a little more peace of mind.  

While we have many more reasons we could divulge into, this concludes our top 5 foundational-based prompts for the switch over to laser cutting in 2022. It was an easy decision! This machine truly gives us the “sharp edge” over our competitors. Now we can say we are a “cut” above the rest!!! Not only did we increase our accuracy and efficiency while decreasing our energy usage and probability of product contamination, but we also have a nicer, quieter workplace. 

“It was an easy decision! This machine truly gives us the ‘sharp edge’ over our competitors. Now we can say we are a ‘cut’ above the rest!!!”

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