• We can provide highly unique, intricate, and beautifully customized products at a very cost-competitive price.
  • We have access to the newest fabrics, embroidery, embellishment and printing technologies.
  • We pass those technologies to you in the form of a more unique, more embellished, more cutting-edge uniform at an equal or lower price, without compromising quality.
  • We don’t even warehouse stock items. When you order from us you can be assured that your design is unique and you’re getting exceptional value.
  • We have literally hundreds of fabric color options to choose from. However obscure or different your color request may be… we probably have it.
  • Our lead times are 3-4 weeks after payment is received and artwork approval. We will consider rush orders on a case-by-case basis.
  • If your order is shipped anywhere in the US, there is a 6% domestic shipping fee added to the invoice total.
  • We ship by UPS Ground, Fed Ex Ground and USPS. Should you request shipment by air, there may be additional shipping charges.
  • You always have the option to pick up to avoid shipping cost.
  • You may change (add/subtract) to and from your order any time before production has begun. Please call your Sales Rep to determine if “production” has started on your order. 
  • Any additions to your order after production has begun will be treated as a separate, new order, with new delivery date and Sales Confirmation.
  • Any subtractions to your order after production has begun will be your responsibility.
    Once we’ve received the Sales Confirmation, your order for custom-made garments cannot be cancelled.
  • We have an in-house design team that will create artwork for your order. There is not a separate artwork cost; artwork fees are built into the cost of your order.
  • If you are requesting that we use your existing logo in its exact form and you do not have the vector art to provide us, there will be a $50.00 fee for our artists to recreate your logo in high resolution for your order. This is a one-time fee and once we have your vector logo on file we can use it for all future orders.
  • We offer 3 revisions after you are presented with your initial artwork options. If your artwork moves into 4th revisions or more, there will be an artwork fee of $150.00.
  • It is very, very rare for us to charge an artwork fee… we just have to “put this out there” so that we don’t stay on a project designing for months and months without end.
  • We accept cash, checks, wire transfers and credit cards (MC, Visa, Discover & American Express).
  • Note that there is a 3% convenience fee on all credit card transactions.
  • If your business is located outside the State of Georgia, we do not charge tax on your invoice.
  • If your business is located within the State of Georgia, we are required by law to charge tax on your invoice.
  • There is an exception for Georgia businesses. If we have a Tax Resale Form completed and on file for you, then we will not charge tax on your invoice.

We will need your prototype back for revision and sew-by reference before production.

In certain cases, we will allow you to keep your prototype temporarily to “show” your parents and athletes. Please ask your Sales Rep.

  • Once your Sales Rep takes your artwork request, they will schedule a fitting with your team.
  • We custom size every item we sell, including uniforms, warmups, practice-wear and novelty-wear.
  • We will always try to send a minimum of one representative of our company to oversee and conduct the fitting.
    If you are in an area we don’t have a Sales Rep or there is a scheduling conflict, we will ship a fit kit to you with detailed instructions as to how to conduct the fitting of your athletes. The kit will come with a return shipping label to use when you complete your fitting.
  • We require a credit card deposit to secure your fit kit, but your card is not charged unless the kit is not returned to us. If the kit is not returned, the retail value of the kit will be charged.
  • New Uniforms: 10 Units
  • Reorder Uniforms: No Minimum, we will make 1 if needed.
  • Each athlete’s item(s) will come individually packed in a clear polybag. Each bag will be labeled with the Item, Athlete’s Full Name, and Athlete’s Size.
  • This allows you to sort and pass out the items with ease… we do the sorting for you.
  • We highly recommend using Shout Color-Catcher when washing your uniforms and warmups to prevent color-transference.
  • Turnaround time is anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks on a fill-in order, depending on the time of year the reorder is placed. Please ask your sales rep.
  • Yes, we do offer discounts on Special Needs uniforms, so long as you place a regular uniform order with us. Please let your sales rep know your budget and we will work to design something within that budget.
  • We offer custom-fit uniforms. These are uniforms that adhere to a certain pattern and size but allow for length adjustments in the length and sleeves. They are not custom-tailored to each child; thus, in certain instances, additional alteration may be required after delivery. Additional alterations that may be needed are the responsibility of the child/parent.
  • We offer uniform and warm-up sizes, ranging from YXXS to A4XL. Depending on how many different sizes are in your order, you could have up to 4 different-sized chest logos throughout your uniform order.
  • We scale chest logos proportionally to the size of the front panel of each corresponding uniform size.
  • Should you have a special request regarding the size of your front logos, please discuss this with your sales rep.

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